Frequently Asked Questions

Does The American Cup have a coffee shop?

Yes! Our coffee shop is located in Mountain Grove, Missouri and is complete with lunch, pastries and drinks to savor. Come see us at 109 E 20th St.; Suite B Mountain Grove, MO.

Do you sell direct to consumer?

Yes! No, order is too small. Order off our site and we’ll ship to your home. Or come into our shop in Mountain Grove and take some home.

Do you deliver to local businesses?

We are working towards getting our inventory up to support local businesses. If you’re interested give us a call and we’d be happy to give your employees fresh, locally roasted coffee to enjoy.

Do you offer loyalty discounts?

Ask about our ‘Patriots Cup Club’. Give the people what they like, and we sure hope they like our coffee!

Does your coffee grinder effect taste?

Yes, the way you ground your coffee can determine the overall taste. If your coffee is watery and acidic you may be grinding too coarsely. If your cup is overly bitter, you may be grinding to fine. Consider a coarser ground for optimal flavor.

Should I wash filters before use?

Yes! Rinsing filters will remove any chemical residue from your filters which is better for both taste and health. Purchase unbleached filters when available.